Have you been Ferhoodled?

“Kissin’ wears out, Cookin’ don’t”

“Eat yourself full”

“Throw the cow over the fence some hay”

Here in Lancaster County, many people still speak what is commonly referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch or Pennsylvania German. Out of necessity the Pennsylvania Dutch had to invent words that had no German counterparts. Used along with the German word order, many times sentences came out sounding mixed up, tangled or jumbled. This good-naturedly became known as “Ferhoodled English”!

At the AmishView Inn, we’ve taken that quirky saying and turned it into a delicious breakfast served hot and fresh each morning to our guests. We take scrambled eggs, potatoes, baked ham, bell peppers and onions….and then we Ferhoodle them! All of our guests enjoy a full, hot breakfast with their stay….so why NOT enjoy a Ferhoodled!

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2 Responses to Have you been Ferhoodled?

  1. That’s funny, I live in Lancaster by the outlets and we call it egg gunk. We would use what we had picked in the morning and fry up a batch.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I cannot wait to get there and try this for breakfast! We are staying at the AmishView Inn and planning on a wonderful dinner at Millers…last week of August….so excited!

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